"Christ’s resurrection carves a new calendar. Our neighbours live by a January-December calendar, or sport-to-sport calendar, or an academic calendar. There is nothing wrong with those. But the calendar that rotates around the incarnation, passion, and Pentecost literally reorients us. These calendars remind me daily that Christ is making a new people out of us. I cannot recommend them widely enough." 


William Willimon

"The church keeps time differently from the world. Salt of the Earth is a beautiful way for us to keep time as Christians." 


Eugene Peterson

"Every day is holy, a gift of time in which we enter into the great rhythms of God’s creation and salvation. This calendar brings fresh awareness to the essential sacredness of what is so easily profaned by hurry or sloth."


Stanley Hauerwas

"Few things are more important for Christians today than reclaiming the calendar as our time. This wonderful calendar helps us do that by reminding us that we are constituted by the narrative that is quite different from Canadian or American national holidays. What a wonderful gift this calendar is and makes."

Walter Brueggemann

“I am so glad to see the emergence of this calendar because we Christians are in an emergency about time. It is clear that dominant culture in North America no longer knows what time it is, because every season has now been homogenized into an uninterrupted ‘shopping season’ and when we do not know what time it is we are unlikely to remember ‘former times’ and surely have no ground to hope for ‘new things’. This new calendar refers all our seasons back to the Lord of all time and may, in quite concrete ways, provide a form of resistance against the timelessness of consumerism back into the timefulness of our faith.”