Daily Reflections



Welcome to the first annual Daily Reflections App, which accompanies the 20th edition of the Christian Seasons Calendar! You can view today’s reflection here.

It is our hope that these reflections will offer daily encouragement in our common ministry as disciples of Christ Jesus, for the glory of God and the sake of God’s beloved world.

The daily reflections use the upcoming Sunday’s scripture readings as laid out in The Revised Common Lectionary (Year C)* and printed in the 2018/19 Christian Seasons Calendar. This means that by each Sunday you will have already had reflections from most of the readings for that day. High holy days that do not fall on a Sunday (such as Ash Wednesday, All Saints’ Day, or Ascension) have their reflections taken from the readings for that special day. On occasion, reflections in the Advent and Christmas seasons are based on readings in the Lectionary, but not printed in the Calendar.

This year’s daily reflections are written by a team of four writers (see below), each of whom has had a long relationship with University Hill Congregation and the Christian Seasons Calendar it produces.

* In the Season After Pentecost, we follow the semi-continuous readings from the Old Testament and from the second New Testament readings.


Each of our four writers of the first edition of daily reflections that accompany the 20th edition of the Christian Seasons Calendar have close ties with University Hill Congregation, where this unique calendar whose pages turn by the ancient Christian Seasons is produced.

The Rev. Eric Stephanson wrote the daily reflections for Advent and Christmas. Eric's experience in congregational leadership has included an English/French congregation in northern Quebec as well as a Chinese/English congregation in Vancouver. He has worked with university-area churches in Victoria and Vancouver, served as an Ecumenical chaplain at U of A in Alberta, and for many years was Spiritual Care Leader at Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Vancouver. Eric was an interim minister with University Hill Congregation. With his wife Carol, he has lived through the joys and challenges of family life over many decades. They now live in a small village on Vancouver Island where he has built a house for gatherings with family and friends. His experience of following Jesus reflects the wistfulness of an Advent spirituality.

Janice Love, wrote the daily reflections for Epiphany and the first half of the Season After Pentecost. She is a co-creator of and editor for the Christian Seasons Calendar. Janice holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, a Masters of Pastoral Studies from the Vancouver School of Theology, and an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University. Her interests include the formation and nurturing of fellow disciples of Jesus, and how the seasons of the Christian year help to do this, reminding us of who and whose we are. Janice is also exploring how a theology of Beauty can infuse and encourage the discipleship of children, youth, and adults. She is a regular contributor to the Ekklesia Project’s bLOGOS, and a freelance editor.

Rev. Aaron Miller wrote the reflections for Lent, and the second half of the Season after Pentecost. He was ordained in 2010, in Hamilton Conference of the United Church of Canada. Aaron served at Faith Centennial United Church in the village of Selkirk, Ontario, from 2009 until he was called to ministry at University Hill Congregation in 2016. He enjoys the peculiar location of U Hill, on the UBC campus, knowing that the particularities of campus life pose interesting challenges for preaching and living the gospel. Aaron also enjoys the opportunity to interact and work with the students and faculty at the Vancouver School of Theology. He and his wife of 12 years live on campus, with their two sons. While they sometimes miss the wide-open space of rural Ontario life, they have come to love having Pacific Spirit Park as their backyard!

The Rev. Doctor Edwin Searcy wrote the daily reflections for the week of Lent leading up to Palm Sunday, for Holy Week, and for Easter. He was ordained as a United Church minister in 1980. He received the Master of Divinity degree from the Vancouver School of Theology and the Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. He has a passion for the cultivation of distinctive, salty Christian communities that are unashamed in their love of the gospel and of the God who, in Jesus, has called them into existence. Ed is one of the co-creators of the Christian Seasons Calendar. In 2011 Ed was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis, and so has joined the company of those who are living with cancer. After thirty-five years in congregational ministry, the last twenty with University Hill Congregation, he retired in 2015. Ed blogs at www.holyscribbler.blogspot.ca